1. Any slippers or shoes are not allowed on the Yacht. There will be a dedicated slipper that you can use while you are on the premises.


2. Usage of Yacht is strictly from you booked time. Additional usage will be charged accordingly 


3. Please respect the instructions of the captain. The captain has the final decision on the ship, especially in an emergency.


4. Only smoke at the designated smoking place and use the provided ashtray. All damages will be charged accordingly 


5. Please be cautious at touching the yacht to control the instrument.


6. Do not disturb the captain while the yacht is sailing.


7. Any damage to the process of using the yacht is to be compensated by the guest.


8. We are not liable to any of your personal belongings while you are on the yacht. 





•  In the event of cancellation by the Client, 50% of the payment will be forfeited. 


•  In the event of cancellation by the Owner, the event shall be re- scheduled. Both parties would find a reasonable date for the reschedule which is amenable to both parties 


• Not withstanding the immediate preceding, the captain of the Vessel shall have the authority to cancel the event if passenger and the Vessel’s safety and security so requires. The captain’s cancellation shall be deemed a cancellation by the Owner for all intents and purposes. 





• All clients or guests of the Vessel shall be forwarded by the Client to the Owner


• The Client shall be responsible for the safety and security of all its guests while on board the Vessel


• All crew of the Vessel shall be the responsibility of the Owner





• The Client shall be responsible for any damage to the Vessel or injury to persons caused by its guests. The amount of damage shall be imposed against the Security Deposit. In the event that the Security Deposit becomes insufficient, the Client shall pay the deficiency. The Security Deposit shall not earn interest and shall be returned to the Client after the event, less allowable deductions.


• It shall keep records of all persons and materials brought onboard the Vessel by its guests and shall ensure that no hazardous or flammable substances are included.





• Owner makes no other warranties or representation except that it is the owner of the Vessel and its crew are its employees. 




1. ​游艇上不允许穿拖鞋或鞋子

2. 游艇的使用严格来自您的预订时间. 额外的使用将相应收取

3. 请尊重船长指示,尤其在紧急状态下的最终决定权

4. 只在指定的吸烟区吸烟,并使用提供的烟灰缸

5. 请小心触摸游艇的仪器

6. 在游艇航行时不要打扰船长

7. 使用游艇的任何损坏均由客人赔偿

8. 当您在游艇上时,我们不对您的任何个人物品负责

  • 如若因客人原因取消行程,50%费用将不再退款

  • 如若业主取消,则应重新安排日期. 双方都可以接受的日期

  • 如因天气原因 定金不退,只可改期如因个人原因取消 定金将不退